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Wedding planning is much more than tables and chairs, flowers, embossed invitations, and coordinating dresses. The details of the ceremony are what are most important, and most uniquely yours. Here are a few ways we can help you make your wedding your own:


Many couples write their own vows. Other couples ask us to write their vows using their ideas. Still others decide they want traditional vows, such as “till death do us part.” We want you to have whatever is most meaningful to you—and if your thoughts are random, that's OK. We'll help you fashion them into unforgettable vows! This is the kind of wedding planning we do.

"Andy worked with us to create a perfect ceremony. He helped us write personalized vows that made the ceremony extra special. We would highly recommend Andy to all Central Florida Brides."
Cassie and Brian White

"Thank you so much for the kind ways you welcomed our relatives from Japan. Your suggestion to translate the vows into Japanese as they were being spoken was so accommodating, there was no language barrier."
Seiko and Joseph Smith


About Rings and Vows Some couples create their own ring ceremonies and some have us write the words for them. Just let us know what you want. We do it your way.

"We designed a 'Mr. and Mrs. Ring Box' to hold our rings, with two small pillows inside. Andy incorporated how we made the box, and the special words we had on the box, into our ceremony. He mentioned how the Ring Box was one more way to bring our wedding ceremony into our home."
Natalie and David Kissel

Prayers, Readings, and Music

Perhaps you'd like to remember Grandma by reading her favorite prayer in your ceremony. Perhaps you have a friend who is a singer, musician, or poet and you want him to share his gift with your guests. That's perfect! We can shape all these elements into your own meaningful and loving ceremony.

"Your suggestion of the Don Cesar Hotel's staircase made the ceremony magnificent. And, thank you for affirming Uncle Mario during his rendition of the Ave Maria."
Michelle and Anthony Comacho


Have children? We can add a "Uniting of Families" ritual to your ceremony and the children can participate as little or as fully as you like. Just ask us.

"Andy thank you so much for making the ceremony so meaningful. We were really touched by the way you spoke with great wisdom, warmth, and love—especially what you said about our daughter Kailey; it was very sweet and yes I agree, she's very special."
David, Amy, and Kailey Gunter

Special Blessings and Rituals

Your traditions are important to you. Incorporate them into your ceremony! For instance, in the Hebrew tradition, an older person of great wisdom gives a special blessing on the younger couple. It signifies a spiritual passing on of cultural values. Consider inviting a grandparent or respected elder to bestow some of his/her experience and wisdom on your special day.

"Dr. LePage is warm and welcoming and wants to integrate every single special detail into your day! My husband's family is Albanian, and Andy was willing to integrate blessings and sentences in his language into the ceremony."
Kelly and Marsid Tusha

Write your own blessing, use a traditional blessing we provide, or not. It's your day, it's your call.

"Andy combined both of our cultures meticulously and marvelously. I loved the blessings he wrote for our dads, and the garland blessings he wrote for our grandmothers. I can tell he put a great deal of time into planning our ceremony. Thank you Andy for everything! You are in a line of work that was meant for you, that is very apparent!"
Lindsay and Roger Ratouri


A benediction is a spoken word of good will. We can suggest a perfect place in your ceremony for your attendants to offer their words of encouragement. We can even help write the words for your party to read if you wish.

"Andy was so thoughtful and did an incredible job incorporating some of our important family traditions into the ceremony. The entire wedding party was taken back at what a personal ceremony he created. It was just beautiful!"
Ani Dalmau and Matthew Reed

Parents' Validation

Include your parents in your celebration. A parents' validation is an opportunity for your parents to speak of their love for and good will to you, the newly married couple. We can help with the words, if you prefer, and print out cards for your parents to read.

"A quick note to you, Andy, for all you did to make our day perfect. Your welcoming of our relatives from France and Brazil made everyone feel like family. You're a master!"
Pia Andressa and Jean Claude Beauregard

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